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Furniture Industry

Giving voice of everyday environments

Our decorative papers, printed with digital or rotogravure technology, can be used in the furniture construction sector for the lamination of Particleboard / MDF and HDF panels in short-cycle presses (MFC), high pressure laminates (HPL / CPL), flat lamination process with finish foil papers both pre-impregnated and post-impregnated (for vinyl, urea and polyurethane glues) and melamine edge-banding.
With the impregnation and coating process of our printed decorative papers, we produce impregnated papers with melamine (MF) / urea (UF) resins, in transparent or pigmented version, acrylic with surface coatings / varnishes with superficial effects from super opaque anti-fingerprint to 3-dimensional chemical or mechanical embossing with very high standards in regards of surface chemical d scratch resistances and antibacterial properties.