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Dip Bord

Monolayer edge banding


DIP BORD paper is classified on the base of the following specifications:
1. Nominal Gram Weight: 155, 180 and 220 g/m2;
2. Widths: the standard width is 1960 mm;
3. Rolls diameter: 450 with an inner core of 150 mm diameter;
4. Rolls length: from 400 to 500 linear metres. The paper is furnished in rolls.


DIP BORD types are:
1. DIP BORD 5A: smooth surface with gloss level abt. 20 – 22;
2. DIP BORD 5B: flexible product with smooth surface that allows bending to a radius of 3 mm;
3. DIP BORD 5C: flexible product with smooth surface that allows bending to a radius of 1 mm;
4. DIP BORD 5D: smooth surface with gloss level abt. 40 – 50;
5. DIP BORD 5E: surface with chemical pore.

The chemical-physical specifications of these papers are:
1. Excellent light resistance, which assures the colour resistance for a long time;
2. Good covering of chipboard’s edges;
3. The structure of its internal side allows the non-deformability at high temperatures (180 – 200°C) and therefore Hot Melt application;
4. The product can be pre-glued, used for simple edging machines or with iron, without any inconvenient of delamination or blisters; DIP BORD paper not contain heavy metals, according to the DIR. UE83/467EEC E 76/769EEC.


DIP BORD paper has a shelf-life of 6 months if properly stocked in its original packaging and in proper environmental conditions (relative humidity 55 – 60% and temperature 10 – 25°C).