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Dip Foil

Finish foil post-impregnated


DIP FOIL papers are classified according to the following specifications:
1. Grammage: from 60 to 130 g/m2;
2. Widths: 1230, 1860 and 2140 mm;
3. Rolls diameter: from 450 mm with an inner core diameter of 150 mm;
4. Rolls lenght: from 1000 to 1300 linear meters. Paper is supplied in rolls.


DIP FOIL papers are divided into several group of products:
1. DIP FOIL 1A: Re-coatable foils;
2. DIP FOIL 1B: Finished foils not re-coatable;
3. DIP FOIL 1C: CAL, Finished foils for calander press;
4. DIP FOIL 1E: Finished foils with chemical pore.

Physical and chemical specifications are:
1. Surface resistance to scratch from 0,7 to 1 N (level 3 UNI 9428:1989); 2. Taber resistance from 20 to 30 Taber medium point (level 1 – 2 UNI 9115:1987);
3. Weight is determined by initial weight of raw base paper;
4. Final weight can variate from 30 to 60 g/m2 higher than initial weight of base paper;
5. Resistance to light > 6 in Blue Scale (EN ISO 4892-1 e 4892-2);
6. Resistance to liquids: number 3 level (low resistance according to DIN EN 438-2). DIP FOIL paper are classified to get E1 class chipboard with a low formaldehyde emission. DIP FOIL paper doesn’t contain heavy metals, according to dir. UE83/467EEC and 76/769EEC.


DIP FOIL paper has a shelf-life of 6 months if properly stocked in its original packaging and in proper environmental conditions (relative humidity 55 – 60% and temperature 10 – 25°C).