Dip Mel Overlay - Decor In Printing veste il mobile e gli arredi con carte decorative stampate ed impregnate di altissima qualità. Soluzioni creative per superfici innovative.

Dip Mel Overlay

Technical specifications

DIP MEL OVERLAY paper is classified according to the following specifications:

1. Nominal Weight: base 22-25 gr/m2 – post impregnation 105-109 gr/m2 ;
2. Standard Widths: 1320,1870, and 2120 mm;
3. Roll diameter: from 450 to 650 mm with an inside core diameter from 150 mm;
4. Roll length: max 700 linear meters;
5. Sheet length: from 1300 to 5650 mm.

The paper produced is available in sheets or in rolls.

Chemical – Physical specifications

1. Surface resistance to scratch from 2,0 to 3,0 N (level 5 of norm UNI 9428:1989);
2. Surface resistance to Taber abrasion variable from 200 to 400 Taber turns of midpoint (level 5 of norm UNI 9115:1987);
3. Initial weight determined by the initial weight paper original starting;
4. Final weight can range from 80 to 90 g/m2 more the initial one;
5. Resistance to light more than 6 in the blue scale. (norms EN ISO 4892-1 e 4892-2);

DIP MEL OVERLAY paper is classified in E1 category, that is low level of formaldehyde.

DIP MEL OVERLAY paper do not contain heavy metals, according to dir. UE83/467EEC and 76/769EEC.

Packaging and storage indications and modalities

DIP MEL OVERLAY paper has a shelf-life of 3 months if properly stocked in its original packaging and in proper environmental conditions: Relative humidity 55 – 60%
Temperature 10 – 25 °C